Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cycling at WattsUp

While I wait in lab for my cells to sort into CD4+CD25- and CD4+CD25+ I decided to comment a little bit on the cycling I have been doing this winter. I have never cycled during the winter...actually I have never been much a fan of the bike portion of the triathlon. Even while riding on my GURU! Crazy huh? I have always felt timid on the bike and not completely relaxed during a race until I was off the bike and onto the run. At the end of last season I wanted this to change so I sought out a coach, figuring that he or she might know the best way to improve my cycling and, thus, my triathlons. That was when I found The Endurance Lab and WattsUp Cycling. Endurance lab offered me a customized coaching plan, unlimited communication with my coach and the best part, he is only a quick drive away! Unlike all those other coaches who send you coaching plans over email and never actually see you swim, bike or run. This was perfect! But wait, it gets even better...so WattsUp cycling is based out of the same location as the Endurance Lab and has 24 computrainers, 15 cycling classes during the week at many different times and 4 3hr classes on the weekends. So basically you go to instructor led classes, ride your own bike on a computrainer and follow a power-based training plan that starts in the fall and takes you through to the spring, so you are gradually increasing the intensity of your training as you go. I immediately loved it! And to give you an idea of how worth while it has been for me so far...I did a 20minute TT in January and my avg power was 182 W..today (only 12 weeks later?)...I did my 20minute TT and my avg power was 194W!!! Not only that, but I am actually looking forward to biking outside and doing hill repeats and long rides out in Milton!! CRAZY. I would definetly recommend this program for anyone...beginner or elite cyclist/triathlete looking to do some biking during the winter and even the summer. Since it's power based training its almost exactly like riding outside. I think a wayyy better alternative than driving for hours to get out of the city for a bike ride during the work week in the summer.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

MSO Provincials


1500 FR - 20:06 (1st)
400 IM - 5:45 (1st)
200 BR - 3:01 (1st)
400 FR - 5:07 (3rd)

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