Saturday, January 16, 2016

Minor setbacks, possible blessings in disguise?

Well, I went strong until January, 2016 with my training. Unfortunately, on Thursday I hit a minor setback. A strained peroneus muscle on my left lower leg. Ugh! However, all things considered, I am surprised I went this long without an injury. I was pretty good about managing my stress until about December. Then exams hit, my diet started to include more and more chocolate and muffins and my sleep quality deteriorated. The stress also started to accumulate and I didn't take any training breaks. When I finished my run on Thursday, I knew that everything had caught up to me. I had thought I might be able to get away with training hard while enduring an increase amount of time spent at work, in school, dealing with an ongoing cold and running around doing other things. Alas, I am not invincible!

So, the plan now is to spend some time away from hard training while I let my body heal. I hope to be back up and running this time next week! I will look at this as a blessing in disguise, an injury that reminded me that sometimes I do need to slow down.