Monday, February 27, 2012

Injuries and Bowling

Since becoming a professional triathlete means I actually have to train really hard...that’s what I have been doing. But I really don’t get how these triathletes do it? 20+ hours of training per week and staying injury free?! If this is possible I want to know the trick. Following my OFF season...which was only 2 weeks, but really felt like forever...I have been plagued by injuries...first the hip flexor and groin, then a horrible stomach flu (OK-not really an injury but still mean a week off), then a bruised tailbone (yes-in this mild winter I had to find the ONE patch of ice on the ground and fall on it), then an adductor strain and a head cold...and now a “Stuck fibula”! Isn’t a bone supposed to be stuck? Patience is definitely not my strong this has all been incredibly hard for me. And in the midst of all these injuries I have still been swimming, cycling and running better than I ever have! Imagine if I was actually injury-free?!

This winter I have been making a decent effort to keep up a relatively normal social life, while has been hard, but oh so much fun. This has included two attempts at bowling...this first attempt started with my bowling granny style. You know...throw the ball from between your legs...although I had pretty good aim, the ball lacked any sort of speed to knock over any pins. So I graduated to the regular (?) bowling style...which still looks a bit awkward on me. My first game I think I got about 60 points and maybe more than 10 balls in the gutter. My second attempt was much much better. I think I got 4 spares in a row! And doubled my score from last time. However...attempt #1 involved much wine and ceasers while the second attempt I drank water and that left me to make a difficult it more fun to win at bowling OR is intoxicated bowling more fun. Hmmmm...

Well...I promise to blog more regularly..but I am off to the pool for a (hopefully) epic swim set!