Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Exciting times are ahead!

After much debate about my future, I have finally decided on what to do next. In order to let my knee heal properly I have decided to take the 2015 off long course racing. I did not make this decision easily and it took a lot of re-assurance from Adam and my doctor that this was the right one. So, rather than push myself through long runs and another tough season with my fingers crossed that my knee will be OK, I am going to take it easy and let my knee heal properly. Now, that doesn't mean you won't find me at the local Ontario races, trying to get in a few FAST sprint distance tris this year!

You may be wondering, well, what is she going to do with all that extra time? Or you might not care much :) Well, I will tell you anyway. I am actually be going back to school. Apparently a BSc, MSc and 2 additional years taking Kinesiology courses wasn't enough for me! This Monday I will be starting a 10 month program to become a Registered Massage Therapist. I have LOVED coaching and helping the athletes I work with achieve their best performances in triathlon and other endurance sports. As an RMT, I will be able to do more than that by helping athletes recover from their hard training sessions (through massage) and improved knowledge of how the body heals. I am very much looking forward to being an RMT/Coach/FASTER Pro Triathlete in 2016!

Stay tuned to my blog as I write about the challenges of balancing training and school and everything else :) Thanks for reading.