Sunday, February 20, 2011

Winter Training

Today ended my first week training full-time! Yes, I have started working only part-time at Sick Kids so that I can focus more on training for this summer and getting ready to go back to school in the fall. It has been an exhausting week, but totally worth it. I spent almost every day on the computrainer and already I feel stronger on the bike! 250 Watts wasn’t as bad as it was last week! I also hit a new MAX power of 525 Watts.

This past week I have also realized that I can spend more time recovering from workouts. This has proved to be amazingly beneficial and I cannot stress how important it is to actively recover from workouts. Just lazing on the coach isn’t the way to do it - this can actually cause the muscles to stiffen up even worse. A few things that I have done to aide my recovery are stretching, using the foam roller (which can be a supplement to massage and way cheaper!), taking baths, hot/cold therapy, All these activities help to stimulate blood flow to the areas that need it, flushing out the toxins and providing the muscles the nutrients they need to repair themselves.

Schedule for next week involves a 20km run on the coldest day of the week! A lot of cycling and packing for Florida!!! woohoo...counting down :)