Friday, February 26, 2010

Training Update

So...with MSO provincials coming up I decided that I should write a blog about my goals for this meet. I swim the 1500 Free and 400 IM on the Friday and 200 Breast and 400 Free on the probably some 4x50 relays. I have pretty much kept my swim training at 5 hrs per week since I got back from Australia - this may not sound like a lot, but I do about 3-6 hrs of computrainer riding, 1.5-3hrs of running and 1 yoga session per week as well. Not so much time in the pool just means that when I do swim I am doing quality sets and not just doing long slow sets. Soooo back to my goals:

1) 1500 Free in under 19:20 - my best time is a 19:27 and I have done timed 800FRs in practice in 10:40 and 10:48 (the 10:48 being more recent, but during rec swim at the AC). I haven't been able to make 5x100s on 1:20 recently though which concerns me. If I can make a set of 3x 5x100 on 1:20 then there may be some hope. Maybe I'll try that set sometime in the near future.

2) 400 IM in less than 5:49 (my pb)-at this point it will depend on the fly. If I can do a sub-1:25 100m Fly and sub-1:30 100m Back and a sub-1:35 100m breast followed by a sub 1:20 100m Free then I should be good. I think the fly will be tough - i had a good month of fly, but now its slow again :(

3) 200 Breast stroke sub-2:50 - I have been wanting to do this since I was 13! It will be tough and will depend on one thing: whether I have my timing. I am either a good breast stroker or a horrible university my pb was 3:09 or something at varsity meets...then a year later I swam a 2:52 in practice. Lately I have been able to go 2:58 in practice (going on 3:15 pace time) and on Wednesday I did a set of 20x50 Breast on 55s and I held 44s for almost the whole set, except for a few i did in 45s and the last one I did in 43s. So we shall see....

My performance at meets has always been very unpredictable. It usually happens that I make PBs in all my races or add 30s in all of them.

Until next time,
- M

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