Saturday, January 26, 2013

Santa Monica Mountains Camp Day #6

Today was a no-bike or run my coach likes to call it an "OFF-legs day." So I took advantage of that fact and got in two swims in the outdoor pool! A nice, long set of 14x300 in the morning and an easy technique/drill focused swim in the afternoon. A total of 8,000yds swum :) Of course, it was warm and sunny all day long, so the perfect day for a long bike ride! Oh well. I hope it will stay like this for tomorrow.

I also decided to walk around Calabasas today. I went to the Farmer's market, the shopping mall (they have Lululemon in California!), the turtle pond... I decided that there really isn't THAT much to do here except train... So, with no more sightseeing to do I headed back to the pool to do some relaxing :) Next, I decided to Skype with the family. They set up my computer on a stool around the island in the kitchen and it was like I was back home hanging out for 3 hrs! Technology is amazing. I was even able to take them on a virtual tour of my hotel room and the hotel floor! Then we ate dinner "together" I made pasta with sweet potato, goat cheese and chicken! Yummy. And they had conch fritters, southern fried chicken and black eyed peas :)

Some photos from my day:

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