Friday, October 25, 2013

St. George Training: Update #4

It has been 4.5 weeks since I left Toronto to begin my training adventure in the US! A brief stop in Georgia for Ironman 70.3 August, followed by a cross-country road trip to Utah, then some epic training here, unlike I have ever done before. I have successfully completed 2 of 4 training blocks. And, in just over 4 weeks, I will arriving back home to Toronto, for a much needed break. Then, I will start training for my 2014 season in December!

This training block included 3 easy days then 8 days of hard training...95km of running, 450km of cycling and 20km of swimming. The training block finished today with a 37.3km run. You can imagine how I felt this morning, already feeling beat up from my biggest ever training week, knowing that I had to complete a marathon (almost!). To add insult to injury, I had to get in a bike workout just prior to the run, of supra-maximal intervals. Ouch! However, the workout was a success...I followed coach's orders and descended each 12.4km section. I was definitely hurting at the end, but not as much as I expected. I think I'm getting used to these super long workouts. I am sure that it helps that I have also worked on increasing the number of calories, and, especially fluid that I take in during these sessions. Don't underestimate nutrition!!

Tomorrow, after a short swim, I will head to California to watch one of WattsUp's superstar cyclists, Janet Wilson, compete in the Death Valley Double Century (200 mile road cycling event). You don't see many people with the work ethic and determination as this woman. No doubt she has spent hours suffering in WattsUp's hot box and probably gone on 100 - 200 mile rides in the cold weather of northern Ontario to prepare herself. She is one of the people that truly inspires me. And I am so excited to get to cheer her in at the finish line, with fellow WattsUp athlete, and another superstar cyclist, Julie Toole. View more information about Janet's race here

Another exciting bit of news is that Kirk and Charity (my hosts in St. George) opened up their bike shop this week! They specialize in building and fitting bikes, Argon 18 and Felt. AND they ship to check them out here.

That's it for today's post...bedtime :) Photos:

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