Sunday, February 23, 2014

California Training Camp: Week#2

Today is my last day in California. Although I am going to miss the sunny weather, the magnificent views, the outdoor pool, the warm temperatures, the beach and amazing outdoor riding, I am excited to see my friends and family (especially Maddy!) back in Toronto. I will be home only briefly, for some rest and recovery, before I embark on my next training adventure in Arizona!

The second week of training was as epic as the first. The biking was heavily emphasized on this camp over swimming and running. Having only really been cycling seriously since 2009 (a much shorter time than I have been swimming and running), so I was going for tons of bike volume over the past two weeks. I think that we accomplished that goal, as I totalled 1100km of cycling and 24000ft elevation gain! I did manage to fit in 8 hours of swimming, 6 hours of running and 2 hours of strength work on top of that, to ensure that I didn't become "just a cyclist!" :)

Some of the highlights of the second week of training:

1. Getting to join in with the Cycling Escapes group again on the Tuesday. Had great company on the bike with Peter - a lawyer/cyclist/runner from London!

2. Having a super nice swimmer lend me a pair of goggles when I forgot mine, which was followed by an amazing swim of all-out 50s free!

3. Realizing that I can climb STUNT in the same gear the entire way. STUNT is my favourite climb in the Santa Monica Mountains :)

4. Running 8 miles - my longest run since Ironman! And running 6 miles after a 60 mile ride :)

5. Being in the USA after the women's hockey team won the gold medal game and the men's team advanced to play Sweden in the final. (Had lots of fun telling the cashier at the grocery store I was Canadian after those victories!)

6. Managing to take more photos. (See below).

7. Being stronger on the last climb of every day by about 4 to 6 minutes (or 5 to 10 Watts!) from the first week.

8. Vanilla/coconut cake. A nice treat after a tough day of training!

9. Facetime. Don't know how I would have gotten through the week without it. It does get lonely training on your own.

Here are some photos of the second training week:

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