Wednesday, March 6, 2013

6 hours of Zone 2 gets you thinking...

Today I decided to try a new cycling route, here in Tucson. I had found a few routes already that I liked, with wide bike lanes, little traffic, few stop lights, and I was very happy riding them. However, I decided that today I would take a chance and try some new roads. And, guess what? I managed to find the best route yet...along the Old Spanish Trail. Nicely paved, barely any other cars, and it went on for miles and miles. I was having such an enjoyable time while riding that I started thinking. I was so happy I had decided to take a chance on a new and unknown route, just like I am so happy with some of the changes I have made about myself recently.

I have always been a stubborn person. For the longest time, I was convinced that I knew the right decisions to make when it came to my life. I rarely took other people's advice in this matter, because I was always sure that I knew what I needed better than anyone else could. However, very recently, I decided to become more open to listening to the guidance of others. And I honestly believe that, because of this change, I have grown more as a person in the past few months than I had in the previous few years before. Yes, there is something to wanting to make all your own decisions that gives you the sense that you are in control, which is satisfying. But it can also close you off to good suggestions and ideas from others who may have more experience than you. Since I have actually started listening and taking people's advice I think I have become a better athlete and a better person.

Promise to have a more training related blog post tomorrow :)

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