Monday, March 4, 2013

Arizona Training Camp Day 8

Today was the 8th day of my Arizona Training Camp. Of course it was another great day! I had a great swim in the morning - even though the body was feeling a little heavy. The people in the lane I swim in are awesome. They are all super supportive and always encouraging. It's really amazing how much you can push yourself when you surround yourself with other motivated people. Today, there was even a new addition to the lane: a fellow female Pro triathlete and Kona top 10 finisher (yes, I was a bit star-struck. lol). I chose a bit of a hilly and scenic route for my 2hr ride on the road bike - I much prefer to tackle the hilly and not as nicely paved roads with Tej than Veloce. Later during the day, I did my i-feel-like-i'm-going-to-puke treadmill interval run, which wasn't as bad as last week.

I am starting to feel the effects of the cumulative stress that I am putting on my body. During my swim I started to feel some tightness in my right calf, which started to bother me a little bit more on my bike ride. Luckily, my calves felt fine on the run, but my left quad started getting tight. It's usually around this point during heavy training, when you are feeling a bit worn down, that you really have to listen to your body. It becomes a difficult balance between stressing your body in a good way and stressing it in a bad way. You need to know what the key workouts are and which ones can be cut a little bit short if a muscle is tight or you are super low on energy. At the end of most of your workouts during this phase of training I believe that you should still have a little bit left in you. This means that your muscles should not feel heavy, tight or sore by the end. You could have gone for longer or harder if you wanted to. Don't get me wrong, it is important to push yourself during a session, but you do need to be a bit more careful when you are already tired from accumulated heavy training.

Sorry, no pictures to post! Hopefully I will have some for tomorrow :)

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