Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Race Report: Toronto Island Triathlon

I competed in the Multisport Canada Toronto Island Triathlon on Sunday. I have always loved this race. I get to sleep in my own bed on race night, the ferry ride to the island boasts spectacular views of the city, the looped course means you are surrounded by spectators and you get chocolate milk at the end! This year added a special twist to the day...the race crew was unable to set the swim course due to high winds and wavy conditions. This meant that the Tri was turned into a Du (5km run - 20km bike - 2.5km run). Without my strongest leg (the swim) to give me a head start on the competition, I knew I would have to work hard to continue my streak of never losing a race on Toronto Island. Thankfully, I was able to find that competitive drive that seemed to be lacking in previous races this year and I fought my very hardest to take the win on Sunday.


- Running with Nina and Leah side by side for the first 5km of the race. It kind of felt like we were ITU athletes racing hard to win a championship. I may have even fantasized that I was Gwen Jorgenson running with Nicola Spirig at times!

- Actually having the fastest bike split among the women. Knowing that my bike fitness isn't what it used to be, I have worked incredibly hard at being as aerodynamic as possible. My time this year was just a few seconds slower than my time in 2013 and the normalized power was 25W lower. (Or maybe my power meter is broken?)

- Seeing so many of my fellow TTC athletes racing, seeing old friends and meeting some new people.

Learning points:

- So much of racing is mental. I realized that today. In training, I haven't done ANY speed work..nothing faster than 4:30/km. But I told myself today that I could run with the other girls, and we averaged 3:53/km for our opening run (actually 5.3km). Then I ran a 4:06/km pace in the closing 2.5km (actually closer to 3km). So, sometimes a little competition can drive you to reach that next level in a race.


Interview with another participant: PIETER

Pieter is new to the sport of triathlon and was 2nd in his age group (35-39) in Sunday's sprint Triathlon turned Duathlon. He is also an active member of the Toronto Triathlon Club.

Q. Name, Age, One word to describe yourself?
A. Pieter Wijnhoven, 34, happy

Q. How long have you been doing triathlons?
A. Since beginning this year

Q. What was one highlight of today's event?
A. The sprint for the finish with three other athletes

Q. What did you eat for breakfast?
A. Oatmeal mixed with strawberries and blue berries with soy milk

Q. What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you in a triathlon?
A. To me personally not much, I saw this weekend somebody on an electrical bike and people wearing their bike helmet on the run :)

Q. What did you think about on the bike today?
A. Push harder! But be careful with the wet roads.

Q. What is one thing you are proud of about yourself, either in triathlon or in the rest of life?
A. I am proud of my positive attitude in life and enjoy every day!

Q. What/when is your next event?
A. Next weekend Wasaga beach triathlon

Q. What do you like best about the MultiSport Canada race series?
A. It’s great to have some many races close to Toronto with such a good organization!

Thank yous

- My parents for their continued love and support throughout this crazy adventure of mine.
- Adam, my coach and partner, and just a great guy in general. He keeps me calm when I get anxious and so it helps so much to have him there on race day.
- Saige, Rhys and Mack. They surprised me on the Island for awards after the race and ran towards me with open arms and huge smiles. That they can accept me as their step-mum and give me so much support is amazing.
- My health care team of David Lamy (RMT), Bill Wells (Chiro) and Michael Hong (Acupuncture). I wouldn't have been able to race this one without you.
- All my readers for their support and for following me in my triathlon endeavours
- MultiSport Canada and all the volunteers!
- Fellow athletes at the race and training partners, especially those at WattsUp!
- My other coaches: Kim and Nigel from NRG
- My sponsors: High Rock Capital Management, WattsUp Cycling, MultiSport Canada, The Urban Athlete, Fitt1st Bike Fitting


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