Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What would I do without Bill Wells at Urban Athlete?

What would I do without Bill Wells at The Urban Athlete?

This summer has been marked by niggles and injuries that have really taken a toll on my running. So, I thought I would take a moment to thank the individual who has been there to ensure that I can get back to full training ASAP: my amazing Chiropractor, Bill Wells at The Urban Athlete.

Someone referred me to Bill saying that he knew a Chiropractor who could tell your injury just by looking at you and cure you just as fast. In 2010? I was three weeks out from an important race and was not able to run at all due to a knee injury, so I booked an appointment with Bill ASAP. Sure enough, on my first visit I was in awe at what Bill could tell by just looking at me! Among many things, he knew that I had been a swimmer and that I must have specialized in breast stroke without me even mentioning this fact. Not only this, but I was back to running within a week, which allowed me to compete in the race that qualified me for the World Championships. Since then I have struggled with MANY injuries: strained muscles, IT band syndrome, a bruised tailbone, a stuck fibula, strained peroneal muscles, hip flexor name it, I’ve had it. All of these injuries might have kept me from training and even racing, but Bill didn't only keep me on my feet, he kept me in the pool, on the bike and in my running shoes throughout them all!

Most recently, I had a strained peroneal muscle in the weeks leading up to Calgary 70.3. I was booking 2-3 appointments a week with Bill. He'd fix me. I'd train hard. I’d reinjure myself...he'd fix me again and the the cycle continued. Even though I knew that rest was probably what I needed, he NEVER told me to stop training. He would just keep fixing me. So, not only was I able to complete the race in relatively good shape, I was also able to get back to training right after and compete and win the Bracebridge Olympic just two weeks later and then Toronto Island after that.

I whole-heartedly recommend Bill Wells to any of my athletes, family, and social media followers. You won’t be disappointed.

The team at Urban Athlete also includes physiotherapists, naturopaths, and personal trainers (check out: for a complete list or their services).

Thank you Bill for helping to keep me going!

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