Sunday, December 6, 2015

Fall and Winter Goals!

Aiming for a 1:25 half-marathon...

As you likely know, I had surgery last February 23rd. I started running again on April 1. Since that first run I made it my only goal to run healthy and consistently for the next year. To ensure I reached my goal, I promised myself I would progress my running VERY gradually, limit myself to hour long runs for the following 6 months, listen to Adam and follow his coaching plan.

After a successful (so far) return to running and even the completion of a few triathlons this past summer, I decided I could make a few more run goals.

Since school eats up almost all my time (40 hours of class/clinic time, ~45 hours on site and many more hours studying) I have decided to focus on running until I finish classes in April. There just isn't enough time to fit in much time on the bike. And running has the greatest endorphin rush of all three sports for the least amount of time. And I need that rush to get my through school!

So, that brings my to my goals.

1- 8km in < 32:00 by Nov 1st
(Done! 31:26 in October) 2- 10km in < 40:00 by Jan 1st
(Done! 39:17 in December) 3- 12km in < 48:00 by March 1st
4- 10 miler in < 1:04 by April 1st
5- Half-marathon in 1:25 by June 1st

A gradual, but challenging progression that will hopefully set me up well for next triathlon season. And get me closer to my long term goal of running a 1:25 half-marathon in a half-ironman!

I will keep my blog posted with the results of my far, I am on track with two races under my belt, but the harder challenges lie ahead.

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