Friday, December 11, 2015

What's so great about a cycling studio, anyway? Post 1

You may wonder what's so great about going to ride at a cycling studio. I get where this thinking comes from. Firstly, inside is not nearly as much fun at riding outside. Secondly, why pay the money when you can ride your trainer at home? With software like Zwift and TrainerRoad at your disposal for a minimal fee, isn't that enough? Thirdly, you can even be competitive with other athletes in your own home on your trainer by using Strava. So, what is the point of going to ride at a cycling studio? Well, I will have several blog posts to tell you:

1. The owners of the cycling studios care about you!

There are several cycling studios in Toronto: Gears, Mindset Cycling, WattsUp Cycling, The Cycling Gym, Powerwatts (sorry if I've missed any). With these facilities all over Toronto, you must be close enough to one of them. The coaches that own or work at any of these facilities are truly passionate about cycling and triathlon. They are excited for you to succeed. They want you to do well. If it weren't for Pete Oyler and Adam Johnston, I would never have progressed from a beginner cyclist to a professional triathlete. The year I joined WattsUp, I could have either opted to stay home in my basement and follow a generic cycling program (what I had tried to do the year before), or spend an extra hour and some extra money going somewhere to train. I chose the latter and it truly made the difference. It's not just the cycling program, it's the people that are there to offer you feedback, to make an extra effort, to hold you accountable to your training, to motivate you to push yourself. For these cycling studio owners, you matter. And that alone will help your training.

Look for more posts to come!

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