Thursday, December 24, 2015

Why Ride at an Indoor Cycling Studio? Post #4: Community.

First, some of the top indoor training facilities in Toronto:

West Toronto:
WattsUp Cycling

East Toronto/North of Bloor:
Mindset Cycling

East Toronto/South of Bloor:
The Cycling Gym
X3 Training

Feel free to email me if I missed any!

Now, why ride at an indoor cycling studio?

4. Community.

Many endurance athletes are unique individuals. They don't conform to what's considered "the norm" in our society. Either they wake up early to train or opt to train after work. Their friends or colleagues might not even be able to fathom the idea of doing so. There aren't many people our there whose has a goal to ride 200km in the Ride to Conquer Cancer, complete Centurion or an Ironman. Undoubtedly, an individual with such goals will be the minority.

So, where can the endurance athlete go to be surrounded by like-minded individuals? A cycling studio! It is the perfect place to form friendships with other cyclists and/or endurance athletes. Compared to riding in your basement alone, having friends to ride with makes the experience more enjoyable and more motivating. It also opens up opportunities for cyclists to find outdoor riding mates. In addition to that, you can learn things from your fellow rider mates in class. The beginner can learn from the advanced athlete, the advanced athlete can ride and chat with the beginner athlete.

It doesn't matter if you don't know anyone at the facility or not. Cyclists, especially with endorphins from training running through their system, are an inclusive bunch. You will be very welcome. I remember being new at WattsUp and, in the first class, I had chatted more about cycling and triathlon than I had ever at work. It was wonderful to be with others who also enjoyed the sport. It felt so good to belong.

Most first classes at these studios are complimentary (at least it's so at WattsUp and Mindset), so even if you don't know anyone riding there, go try a class! (and then spread the word)

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